Alcoholism and Homeopathy Treatment

Alcoholism is a chronic progressive disease that in time may be fatal. This illness is characterized by a person’s dependency on alcohol and its impaired control over it. It will go hand in hand with psychological and social factors also with other drug addictions.


In fighting this illness we have as allies the homeopathy treatment and the homeopathic remedies that are at hand.

Nux vomica is a very good anti-alcoholic remedy. It will coincide with the nervous affection, to the tremor, to the headache and the bad taste. Also it has been linked with the delirium tremens when even a little noise will frighten the patient, having anxiety attacks leading to frightful visions. Gastric disturbance and irritability is closely marked with such a tremor and the nux remedy will be used on the patient while he or she is wtill under the influence of alcohol for a higher impact. Also when nux fails we have the agaricus remedy that will surely control and specific tremors that may occur.

Hyoscyamus is the most common and most effective remedy indicated when delirium tremens take place. Such a state is a continuous situation of quick pulse, clammy and cold skin and delirious visions of objects which will frighten the patient. Most visions are known as persecution where the victim will try to escape situations or persons. A constant insomnia may take place and bipolar mood swings from weeping to outburst of laughter. Studies have shown that the hyoscyamus tincture is the most effective remedy in producing sleep, being needed only five up to ten drops of substance in a glass of water to have a full effect.

A most reliable remedy for acute alcoholism is cannabis indica calming violence, active and talkative minds, hallucinations or delusions to an exaggerated level.

The most common remedy known is opium that will heal continuous delirium tremors that come in flashes. Within the withdrawal there will be a constant expression of terror, visions of animal attacks, uneasy sleep and untiring mind. Opium is extremely indicated in cases of simulating apoplexy.

Sulfuric acid is also a remedy for chronic alcoholism and it will be linked to the victims that are shriveled, cold and pale, whose stomach can’t tolerate the minimum amount of food and who cannot drink water. Specific for such symptoms are those who crave brandy the most and this treatment will be used long after the latter ones that were discussed have prologue failed

Tartar emetic is used when gastric derangement will predominate such as after large amounts of beer that may lead to tendencies of pneumonia all together with cold sweat. By using ten drops of capsicum tincture you can stop the morning vomiting and the intense cravings of alcohol also at the same time promoting appetite. It can induce a sleepy state and it will reduce in most cases the tremor and the agitation that the patient presents.

These treatments should be recommended solely by a doctor and should not be applied without any medical counseling.

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