When President Richard M. Nixon made a visit to China in 1972 he discovered this type of process and brought down to his own country this idea and specialists, the practice of acupuncture becoming a very effective treatment in identifiable pathophysiological diseases. Since then, the interest in acupuncture has exploded all around the world and became learned and practiced in all corners of Europe and the United States.

There is a variation of techniques that will be used when this type of process is undertaken, acupuncture being a sum of procedures that will involve a stimulation of the anatomical locations within or on the skin.

The Chinese medical traditions were kept to their sanctity within the American acupuncture treatment but there are also diversified types from Korea, Japan and many other countries creating a pillar of necessity for the ones in need. The most studied variation on this theme would be the stimulation that would be produces by inserting the skin with solid, thin, metallic needles that would be manually or electrically manipulated.

The Food and Drug Administration from the United States has analyzed the whole process and after that decided to review the already underlined in the code ‘experimental medical devices’ in removing the acupuncture needles from that specific category. Many patients that undergo this type of procedure say that they feel more relaxed, more centered, that the pain that they had before is gone and feel more vitality than ever. The are cases that were studied in which the internal system was brought down by this type of procedure, taking into account that acupuncture is not a joke and must be used by specialized people so that during the process nobody will get hurt or any internal damage will be cause. Having such an interesting and old background, acupuncture is one of the procedures that will be here to stay only to get more and more efficient as years will go by and it will bash skepticism along the way, leaving many relaxed and care free smiles in its way.

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