10 Best Advices for Losing Weight

  1. Hesitate to eat out. The dishes served in restaurants are usually very big and we are used to eat everything from our plate. Also the restaurants are focused on serving tasteful food rather than healthy dishes.
    A solution could be ordering from children’s menu.
  1. Choose your snacks very carefully. You should have healthy snacks like fruits or sweet vegetables spread around the house or work place. It is likely for a person to grab a snack on his way from a place to another, so throw away the chips or salted peanuts and replace them with low calorie and healthy snacks.
  1. Replace canned vegetables or fruits with frozen ones. Canned vegetables are high in sodium or sugar and you don’t want that. Also vitamins are better preserved when vegetables or fruits are frozen rather than canned.
  1. Steam your vegetables. Replace other cooking methods with steaming because it’s the healthiest way. Vegetables will taste better and will not disintegrate like they do when boiling.
  1. Pay more attention on how you eat. We tend to eat standing up and to stuff our mouth with what comes in handy. You should respect the process of eating. Sit down and enjoy your healthy dish.
  1. Break the three meal habit into 5 small meals. If we eat only three times a day, we are tend to fill our stomach and our body makes provisions so we resist till our next meal. Split the same quantity of food in 5 meals and make your metabolism work.
  1. Replace sodas or sugar drinks with fruit juices. If you drink sodas. You will get only sugar and calories witch are transformed to fat.
  1. Drink all the water you can. Water has a miraculous effect on weight losing. Every organ in your body is depending on water.
  1. If you are not motivated enough to workout in a gym, try alternative methods. Find a group of friends that is into sports and you can motivate each other on doing collective or individual sports. It is recommended to train your body three times a week, at least half an hour.
  1. Read food labels before buying. Be careful on what you buy from supermarkets. Focus on the quality of the product rather than the price. Keep in mind that an expensive or cheap product doesn’t imply that the product is good for your health or not.
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