Thigh and Knee Liposuction

Some people think that standards are held way too high to be considered normal and attractive and others go out of their ways to be within those norms. At the end of the day it all comes down to being happy with yourself and the way you would look. There are many cases that this operation will be performed not as a whim from a person that would be ‘obsessed’ to look thinner and younger but as a health risk issue.

The ethical and sociological aspect of this type of procedure is not one that shall be discussed here and at the very same time it must be understood the fact that judging it from any aspect will not change the number of people that undergo this operation and that it is a matter of preference. Liposuction will have an immediate result and very tangible as well, becoming more and more popular as years go by and very effective in comparison with the latter years. However this operation must not be seen as a simple cosmetic procedure that anyone could perform and it will only take a willing patient and a suction machine but it must be perceived as a very serious thing process.

In 1982 Dr Yves-Gerard Illouz, a French surgeon, presented the idea of liposuction or SAL and right after that he showed his five year study, with three thousand experienced cases where the technique of suction assisted lipolysis (his own term). The procedure that he described was a break-through in the medical field and was at the very same time very straightforward: instilling a hypotonic saline solution into the fat areas, inserting blunt-tipped, hollow metal cannulas, into the fat deposits, attaching the cannulas via tube or hose to a high power suction machine and moving the cannulas in and out of the fat deposits in a fan shaped pattern.

This type of operation allowed the fat to be aspirated and the operator to try and sculpt the remaining fat areas into a more appealing way. Immediately after the studies where published, a world-wide phenomena was created in the medical field. In the last years this type of procedure has developed from the first concept that had certain limitations, for example only for the younger persons that will have a good elasticity in the skin and will avoid postoperative laxity, to a large variety of patients nowadays not taking anymore into account age or ethnicity.

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