Internal Ultrasound - Assisted Liposuction

The interest of the doctors earlier mentioned in this type of procedure was linked with the harvest of collagen from the aspirated fat, suggestions being made that the adipose tissue would be more effective emulsified at the same time being connected to the tissue’s structures that would be kept in vitro led so that the concept of using ultrasound adjunctively within vivo will be underlined. This particular process led to the first devices that had incorporated 4-6mm in diameter, high aspiration with some standard cannulas.

Having as side effects less to zero than the normal liposuction, the internal ultrasound assisted liposuction promises to gain fat removal but at the very same time with a low blood loss, claiming of very good skin retraction and a high interest from patients and doctors all around the world.

But this enthusiasm was shortly blown away when there where reported cases of skin burns, high seroma rates and dysesthesias. There has remained a considerable debate when this type of process is concerned and the long term effects that it might have on the patient or the recommendation of the body but on the long haul internal ultrasound assisted liposuction will remain one of the most infamous tool in cosmetic surgery in the entire world.

The majority of the medical field that have undertaken this type of operation have stated that there are better results with this specific process, being involved less fatigue when treating fibrous areas like gynecomastia, the upper abdomen, the back and the posterior hip rolls. The areas that are with less dense fat like the medial thigh or the inner knee will not benefit from this type of surgery because in time the internal ultrasound assisted liposuction has become adjunct to liposuction and from being a mere alternative process that the doctor could have recommended.

The devices have developed so much in the past few years that the second generation of devices for example will use hollow cannulas to have a simultaneous process of aspiration and ultrasound delivery thus will allow the quality of the aspirate to be controlled. This type of operation has been criticized by society in various stages from the people that love it to the people that hate it, from an ethical point of view to a sociological point of view, the best way to see this type of process would be to catalogued it innovative and groundbreaking.

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