Decubitus Ulcers

Pressure sore will be the most used term in describing ulcerations due to the fact that pressure will be always the common denominator in such conditions. Studies have shown that there is a difference in developing such a condition on racial outlines thus almost 5.6% black patients from a nursing home developed post admission ulcerations in comparison with 2.

3% in white patients.

Pressure sores surely existed since before time but their discovery and treatment became available only in the 1800s when doctor Greg Houstein discovered the effects that they can have on the human body and the mechanisms to relieve it. Nowadays treatment for pressure sore within the United States will cost almost $1 billion dollars annually.

Due to the weight of the individual against the bone, muscles, soft tissues and skin, pressure will be exerted and most of the time these kinds of masses will be appreciatively 32 mm and in excess of the capillary filling. Among the patients that will have normal mobility, sensitivity and mental faculty, such pressure sores will not occur although there have been some cases where such a condition was developed but treatment was highly effective due to the healthy state of mind and body that the patient presented with.

Shifting in body positions daily can lead to some irreversible tissue damage if that position will be maximized daily and it is part of the life routine. Thus scientist all around the world recommend that an exercise routine should be partaken to relieve tension and also a very healthy diet will be a very good helping tool in preventing ulcers and any other type of stomach problems. Patients that will be unable to avoid a long period of pressure build up due to the positions they must with take for example elderly persons, patients that will be hospitalized or persons that will have neurological problems could risk a development of such a condition.

These individuals have to have help and assistance in changing their positions due to their inability to protect themselves from the pressure that will be exerted on their bodies. The first step in having a highly effective treatment is to find the source of the problem thus the cause that the built up pressure has developed.

After this a medical treatment will be applied in the form of antibiotics and also pressure relievers. Also it is highly suggested that an active lifestyle should be partaken thus in need medical assistance will be provided. In the cases of hospitalized patients that develop such a condition, there will be help and daily exercises in trying to relieve pressure and tension sores and also for disabled patients there are companies that produce special equipment, revolving an industry of $8 billion dollars in preventing any future pressure sores.

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