REM Sleep Behavior Disorder – Overview

A sleep disorder that will be characterized by a loss in normal voluntary muscle atonia during rapid eye movement sleep that will be also associated with a complex motor behavior during the dreaming stage of sleep will be better known as the rapid eye movement REM sleep behavior disorder RBD. A normal sleep will contain two main components: the rapid eye movement sleep and the non rapid eye movement sleep.

The latter one is divided into four main stages.

During the rapid eye movement stage a person will have irregular breathing, rapid eye movements will occur, a loss of muscle tone can happen and also the blood pressure will rise. The brain will be active due to the fact that in that time a person will have dreams and studies have shown the fact that there is a similar activity during the time when a person will be awake and when the person will have dreams.

This period will be almost 25% of the normal sleeping pattern. When a person will suffer from rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder then the paralysis that would be normal during the rapid eye movement stage will not occur, allowing that person to act out their dreams.

This disorder will be catalogued as portraying dreams that will be quite vivid, violent or intense. Such dream acting will include yelling, talking, punching, sitting, kicking, arm flailing, jumping out of bed or even grabbing. It also can be a symptom from withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. Rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder is more common in men then in women, statistics showing that it is more likely to present itself in elderly people in comparison with younger people.

The main causes for this type of disorder to develop itself is to the present unknown but it may be present due to some degenerative neurogical conditions like multisystem atrophy, dementia, Parkinson disease, diffuse Lewy body or Shy-Drager syndrome. In almost 55% of cases the main cause will remain unknown leaving the other 45% to be catalogued as an effect of the disease or as latter stated from a withdrawal from strong sedatives or drugs or even alcohol. It is best to consult a doctor when such enacting of dreams could become harmful to the person that suffers from rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder or for the partners.

A number of tests will be made and try to examine the stage of the illness and the level of violence that the person will have depending of every patients’ personality. At the very same time it is indicated to have a very good sleep hygiene including using the bedroom only for sleep and not having any caffeine intake that may excite the glands prior going to sleep. This is a manageable disease and there are various treatments to it from medical drugs to naturist components.

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