REM Sleep Behavior Disorder – Diagnosis and Treatment

Rapid eye movement sleeping behavior disorder will be the type of sleeping disorder that will make a patient act out their dreams leading in some cases to harmful situations. The normal sleeping pattern will include two very distinct stages: the non rapid eye movement better know as NREM and the rapid eye movement sleep, known as REM. The first one will have its not so different four stages.

During the latter one, breathing will become irregular, rapid eye movements will occur, your blood pressure will increase and in some cases there will be a loss in the muscle tone. In the rapid eye movement stage of sleep, the brain will be active as much as in the normal and wake period, studies showing that the electrical activity is increased and made active by the dreaming state. Rapid eye movement sleep is associated with the dreaming state and will be accounted for as 25% of the normal sleeping pattern of a person.

When a patient will suffer from rapid eye movement sleeping behavior disorder then he or she will not have the normal paralysis that happens during the rapid eye movement sleep stage, will be absent or incomplete thus will allow the patient to act out their dreams. Rapid eye movement sleeping behavior disorder is known to have violent outburst, as the patient will try to enact the most vivid, violent and intense dreams. Such an enacting will include actions like yelling, talking out loud, sitting up in bed, running in the bed, jumping from the bed, kicking, punching, grabbing and arm flailing. The most acute form of rapid eye sleeping behavior disorder will be noticed in patients that will suffer from alcohol withdrawal and/or strong sedative drugs. Statistics show that rapid eye movement sleeping behavior disorder will be found more commonly in middle aged up to elderly people and also that men will suffer more form it in comparison with women, having as a 5:1 ratio.

The main cause that will trigger such a disease has not been yet found, the only important finding in the sleeping disorders field being the fact that it has a clear connection to other neurological conditions like Parkinson disease, dementia or multisystem atrophy. In more than 55% of patient the main cause will remain unknown as for the rest having a clear connection to previously stated diseases or withdrawal from alcohol or drugs. If you or your partner will have an unusual behavior during sleep like violent kicking or thrashing then a doctor must be consulted. Treatment will include some changes within the sleeping region like removing all potentially dangerous objects, placing the matters on the floor and cushions around it and the partner should sleep in a different area so there will be no harmful situations presenting. The most effective medical treatment will be clonazepam that will remove almost 90% of the symptoms and will have up to 0 latter effects.

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