REM Sleep Behavior Disorder – Causes

This type of disorder comes from the large palette of sleeping disorders that will include insomnia, sleepwalking and sleep apnea. It will e characterized as the sleeping disorder that will make the patient act out their dreams, quite commonly the unpleasant ones, leading up to violence and harmful situations and it will take place only within the rapid eye movement stage of the sleep, where the majority of the population will experience dreaming sensations.

The normal sleep pattern will have two very different states: the non rapid eye movement also known as NREM and the rapid eye movement sleep, named REM.

The first one will be categorized in four stages during which the person will gain the restorative sleep much needed. In the latter one, breathing will become irregular, rapid eye movements will take place (thus the name), your blood pressure will increase and in some cases there will be a loss of the muscle tone.

The brain will be active due to the dreaming state and studies have shown that its activity will be similar when awake. This stage will be almost 30% from the normal sleep pattern. A patient that will suffer from rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder will not have the normal paralysis that will happen during the rapid eye movement sleep, being absent or incomplete thus will allow that person to act out their dreams.

These dreams can be very vivid, violent and intense and will include actions like yelling, talking, sitting up, punching, kicking, jumping from the bed, grabbing or arm flailing.

Such an illness can be an effect of a disease that pre exists within the patient’s body or in some cases from withdrawal from sedative hypnotic drugs or alcohol. Statistics show that rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder will be found more in middle aged people and also that men are more prone to suffer from this type of illness in comparison with women. There have been cases in which children suffered from it but there is no apparent connection to other illnesses or sleeping disorders.

For the most part, rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder causes will remain unknown even today. The most important finding that was made in this field was the fact that there is a clear connection with some degenerative neurological conditions like multisystem atrophy, Parkinson disease, dementia, Shy-Drager syndrome and diffuse Lewy body.

For over 55% of the patients that will suffer from rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder, the main cause will remain unknown but for the other 45% connections with alcohol withdrawal and antidepressant medication have been made. Having a good sleeping hygiene may help in fighting off any of sleeping disorders from using your bedroom only for sleep to having a good eating and exercising diet.

Treatments are available from medical drugs that will inhibit a persons’ movement to naturists approaches like teas or medicinal plants and if the person that will suffer from such a syndrome will experience harmful situations, he or she should consult a doctor.

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