Primary Insomnia

Primary insomnia will be lack of sleep that will not be linked to any psychiatric, medical or environmental cause like caffeine intake or medications. It will be categorized as non-restorative sleep, the difficulty in maintaining or initiating sleep, sleep disturbance that in time could lead to impairment in occupational, social and other important areas of functioning for a person.

This type of disorder will be divided into three main subcategories.

Psychophysiological insomnia will be when a person will suffer from a long period of stress, having as tension and anxiety a constant feeling that will cause awakening. Therefore sleep will be associated with arousal and frustration and will have as a result very poor sleep hygiene.

In the majority of the people, if the stressful situation will be removed, the normal sleeping patterns will arise and the person will regain the restorative sleep that will be much needed.

Lack of sleep could lead to some other physical situations, which in time could be very harmful for the person if not treated at once. The medical staff tries to stress out the fact that sleep is a very important component of a healthy life and will help in the development and restoration of the human body, having healing effects.

In some persons primary insomnia habits will regain territory and thus having a very bad effect on the person’s state of mind regarding sleep, which will always be associated with a period of frustration. Idiopathic insomnia will be linked with a neurologic control of the sleep wake cycle that will involve some areas of the brain that will be responsible for sleep and wakefulness. This is explained by a lesion that the sleep system may posses which will make the person predisposed to arousal thus lack of sleep.

The third category of primary sleep insomnia will be the sleep state misperception which can be described as the person that will complain from insomnia without any objective evidence of disturbance during sleep.

The main symptoms that a person will suffer from when having primary insomnia will be sleep disturbance that will vary from mild to a severe state, sleeplessness that could manifest as a difficulty in falling asleep or several awakenings that will disturb the quality of the sleep, the finding of sleeping very well in any other place then the person’s bedroom, the increased sensation of tenseness and dissatisfaction of a person due to the lack of restorative sleep, denying any problems and being over emotional.

Studies have shown that idiopathic insomnia will happen since early childhood. A person that will suffer from such a condition will complain quite often, having difficulty in maintaining concentration or hyperactivity. In most cases if not treated, primary insomnia could persist during a person’s lifetime and could lead in time to some other physical disorders due to the added stress and tension from the lack of sleep.

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