Night sweats

Night sweats will refer to excessive sweating that will occur during sleep. But if the bedroom when a person will sleep will be too hot or the person will wear much too many clothes, this will be a normal reaction from the body. In order to make a clear distinction from between the night sweats that will happen due to some medical causes and the ones that will occur due to the environment of a person, medics will describe night sweats as severe hot flashes that will occur during a night that will drench sheets and sleepwear and will not be related to an overheated environment.

In a study that was made on 2500 patents in which 40% reported night sweats during the previous month thus perception of sweating during sleep will be fairly common. Also, a very important thing to keep in mind is that flushing, that will be a warmth sensation and a redness of the trunk or face, can also be different from night sweats.

There can be many different causes to night sweats and in determining the main cause, the doctor must have a detailed medical history of the patient and order specific tests that will surely underline the main medical condition that will be responsible for such sweaty episodes. Menopausal transition will always be the most common condition that will cause hot flashes or night sweats which will occur during the night and will cause a large amount of sweating.

Such symptoms may last for up to a few years and may become extremely irritating for the person that will suffer from them. It is an unpleasant condition that in time could lead up to colds or other physical conditions closely linked due to the growth of the body’s temperature and the normal temperature of the environment. In some cases a person will try to cool off by drinking cold beverages or staying in from of the air conditioning that could lead to some severe colds due to the fact that the person will not acknowledge the difference of temperature.

Idiopathic hyperhidrosis will be a condition in which a person’s body will produce much too much sweat without any underlining medical cause. Some infections also can produce such a symptom as tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, and endocarditis, some abscesses like perianal, peritonsillar, appendix, boils, and also AIDS virus HIV infection.

Also early symptoms of cancer could contain night sweats, the most common type of cancer that will be associated with night sweats being lymphoma. Adding to this symptom, people also may suffer from fever and severe weight loss. At the very same time, studies have shown that taking certain medication could lead to night sweats.

Antidepressant medications are the most common type of medication that will have as an effect night sweats. Also, drugs that will be taken to lower fever and for cold will have the same effect on the human body, being traditionally known that the sickness gets out of the body in this way.

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