Insomnia – Treatment

Also a general physical examination will be very important in assessing the patients’ neurogical function and mental status, the good functioning of the lung, heart and abdominal area and measurements in waist size and neck circumference. Adding to this the patient must describe its daily routine and if it includes any medication, illicit drugs, tobacco, and alcohol or caffeine intake. In establishing a good diagnosis the patient’s family members and also bed partners may be interviewed in acquiring information about the patient’s sleep patterns like snoring or movements during sleep.

Treating insomnia will solely depend on the cause of the problem that will generate it. In mild cases of insomnia, where it is produced by situational factors, the mere correction or removal of that specific factor will cure entirely any kind of insomnia for instance if it is linked to an exam or jet lag, after the passing of the exam or normalizing the mental mobility to the hourly pattern of the country then the patient will no longer suffer from insomnia. In a general description, insomnia treatment can be divided into medical therapy and behavioral approaches or non medical treatment.

In order to have a complete and successful rate in curing insomnia, there is a need for both types of treatment, studies showing that a combination of the two approaches formerly mentioned will have better results in comparison with either one standing alone.


If such an illness will arise from a psychiatric or medical problem then the treatment for that specific disease must be changed and in some cases, depending on the gravity of the insomnia, adding some sedatives in order to ease the way into a normal sleeping pattern. Sadly, statistics state that chronic insomnia can severely affect the human body, leaving it deteriorated, weight loss and dehydratation being installed in the first two weeks.

The non medical techniques used in trying to treat insomnia are closely linked to the relaxation field in which companies and manufacturers invest billions of dollars annually. From having a comfortable bed to incentives or music being in the room, there are may ways in which you could make your home more suitable for a better good night rest. Also there are various relaxation techniques that have very good results in trying to treat insomnia.

Many doctors have stated that a connection between eating patterns and choice in food products also must be made with the borderline stress disorder named insomnia. Specific foods may contain caffeine or sugars that will keep your body energized and prevent you from sleeping, if they are consumed prior going to bed. A careful schedule must be made and a strict diet must be considered also as an alternative in trying to treat insomnia.

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