What does eating consciously mean?

It means that we should rely on the intuition of our body. We should listen to your body and have comfy in it because it sends signals. First, it sends signals that we realize we are hungry.

Our bodies also emit signals that give make us understand that we’ve had enough and that we should stop. Our body is the most powerful weapon we have against the excess pounds. All you have to do is be aware of signals.

Unfortunately, overweight people have difficulties in terms of understanding their bodies. The brain of people who have problems with weight becomes insensitive and cannot recognize hunger and satiety signals emitted by the stomach. Therefore, those people end up eating too much.

Learn to eat consciously and intuitively. You may not recognize satiety signals in the first weeks, but surely you recognize signs of hunger. Listen to your body! It is the best indicator of your condition. Eat only when you know you are really hungry.

Enjoy the food! Never sit at the table when you are hungry. It will be almost impossible to control your appetite. Eat slowly and with small sips! Chew food at least 20 times. Discover the taste of food.

Set your goal! It will be difficult at first to recognize the signals of satiety. Therefore, we recommend you to discover which the adequate rations – are for a person of normal weight – of the kind of food you want to serve. Then eat only that amount or maybe a bit more to get used to the quantity indicated.

Leave 10% of the dish in your plate! It will not be easy to figure out exactly how this percentage is. It is important to realize that you don’t need to finish everything in your plate. Your health is at stake, and 40-50 g of leftovers does not compare to the benefits you can gain from losing weight.

In nutritional terms, energy is measured in calories and energy flow is the flow of calories in the body. When the diet results in a large number of calories the body is in a state of flux and high energy, when they consume a small amount of food that provides calories, energy flow is low.

In conclusion, if you aim to decrease weight by losing body fat and build an athletic body, you have to create a high energy flow, flow that can be obtained only by combining a healthy diet with a consistent exercise program.

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