Unhealthy Foods – ‘Healthy Foods’

The bagel and cream cheese is the most preferred breakfast item on today’s market, leaving behind the traditional breakfast that people would usually make for themselves but few know that this delicious product will have in its contain almost 40 grams of fat per product and also many carbohydrates.

Another way to start your morning would be with a bran muffin, many think that it will be the healthy way in eating properly a breakfast although it clearly would state on the label that it will have a high dosage of sugar and will be made out of refined white flower that will, in time have negative effects on the human body.

Dried fruit is believed by some to be a healthy choice, having a general knowledge that fruits are a healthy lifestyle choice into a diet but, although the latter affirmation will be correct, dried fruits will only contribute to those nasty extra pounds due to their high amount of sugar in their content.

Also, studies have shown that it will take a large intake of dried fruit in comparison with fresh fruit for the organism to feel full. While speaking of fruits, a specific product will come to mind: fruit cocktails. This product would seem at a first glance very healthy but when looking deeper, you can observe the fact that it will contain fruits that will be in sugary syrups and studies have shown that fruits will lose all their nutrients while being canned and processed.

Granola bars are also on the black list for the ‘healthy food’ labels due to the high dosage of sugar and fatty oils. Do not get fooled by the word ‘granola’ because this is merely a processed product that will have only the bad nutrients in large amounts, which in time will have a harmful effect on your organism.

Low fat salad dressings are the new products on the market nowadays but few people will know that while manufacturers have reduced the amount of fat that would be in the original recipe, the taste was saved in adding a large amount of sugar.

Margarine is on the top ten unhealthy products in the world due to the large content of trans fats that are closely linked to various cardiovascular diseases. Although if you could opt for the less fat version, namely butter but you must keep in mind to not overindulge it because this also contains a great deal of fats.

Last but not least would be the microwave diet meals that are produced by various brands in trying to help the busy dieters all around the world. In reality these products have a high amount of salt in their content and also the small portions will most likely make you feel hungry and crave for a snack.

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