Unhealthy Foods – Condiments

Butter makes the top unhealthy condiments that it is used in a large variations of recipes and although many people know that it has large amounts of fats, people still used it when eating a baked potato or on a piece of bread. Nutritionists recommend that if you cannot fully swear off butter from your diet at least try the less fattening version, namely whipped butter. Honey mustard is a type of mustard that will be mixed up with honey and while the original ingredient will not be as unhealthy for the human body, this specific combination will be due to the high amount of sugar and several other additives that it will contain.

Preserves, jams and jellies are very delicious but at the same time they will be filled with refined sugars, this being the only way to produce them and keep them preserved. Everybody loves the bottle up version of tomatoes, namely ketchup but not everybody knows the amount of sugar that is used while manufacturing it.

Doctors fairly recommend that you will switch back to the original version of the product due to the high health risks that this product can withheld. On the very same page you can find mayonnaise, which will be the easiest way to turn any healthy food into something extremely fattening. Try to substitute it with other products like for instance mustard, which will have almost the same taste but will be much healthier.

When it comes to sugar, nutritionist could talk about the negative effects on the human body all day long and tons of books have been written about it. You will have it in most of your meals from various foods thus you should not add more to the table. It is clearly linked to many cardiovascular diseases and it is fairly recommended not to use it at all, if possible.

Salt is a very important condiment that will bring flavor to many meals but at the same time an excess of sodium will not be good for you and try to find other ways to spice up your favorite dishes. Closely linked will be soy sauce that will have large amounts of salt within its content and will have negative effects on your body.

And last but not least, tartar sauce is one of the most fattening and negative products that is on the market today, being a combination between mayonnaise, pickled cucumbers, onions and several other ingredients that will have no positive effects on your organism.

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