Top ten pregnancy foods

When you are expecting, eating a very balanced and healthy diet becomes quite essential, even if you are taking vitamin supplements. This is a theory that many will agree upon but practice will be much harder to be put in place, as the old saying goes ‘easier said than done’ but you must know that this will have an extraordinary benefit on your life style and on your baby’s health, leaving you with high energy levels and an happy and optimist attitude. Scientists have chosen a top ten of super food for pregnancy and by slowly introducing them into your day to day diet your baby will have a great start for a healthy life.

Whole grains or better known as oats, brown rice, pasta and bread, miller and quinoa have a high level of nutrients and fibers that will help you in realizing your energy gradually, keep your blood sugar levels stable and prevent you in having lackluster energy swifts. Also they are known for they high amount of iron and B vitamins that will help you from uncomfortable constipation, an effect that many women will suffer when being pregnant.

Leafy greens such as broccoli, spring greens, spinach, cabbage or kale will be high on folate or folic acid, a supplement that pregnant women must take in helping reducing the risk of your baby developing any neural defects like spine bifida.

Berries, cherries, strawberries, blueberries and all the fruits with ‘erries’ at the end will help you in your fight to have a strong body fueling you up with folates, antioxidants, fibers and vitamin C also making a very delicious snack or breakfast when combined with yogurt or cereals.

Beans, chickpeas and lentils are known as pulses and they are the greatest source of vegetable proteins, having high levels of calcium and being at the same time a very cheap and yummy way to mix up a dinner when you have a low budget.

Fish oil is recommended by scientists not only during your pregnancy but to include it into your day to day life style. With the help of the Omega 3 that fish oil contains, your baby will have a string neurological development and may give them a mental boos as well, not to mention the wonders that it will do for your skin.

Bananas are a healthy and quick snack, very rich in potassium and an excellent energy booster.

Yogurt will be the best way to give your body the calcium stores that it will need during this pregnancy for you and your baby, reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis later in your life.

Seeds from sunflower or pumpkin are great for snacking and have great levels of omega fatty acids that will do wonders for your body.

From eggs you will get your much needed vitamins A and D with a whole new range of nutrients and you can cook them in many forms if you get bored with the simple omelets.

Last but not least are apricots that have high levels of iron, calcium and magnesium but at the same time will make a very delicious snack.

Remember that eating healthy now is not only just about you but it is about your baby too and a head healthy start is surely the way to go.

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