Top ten brain foods

Did you occasionally walked into a room and forget why you where there? Or forgot how you ended up reading this article? It is very important to choose the right foods to improve your memory and increase your mental agility. Studies have shown that some foods are better for your body than others and will have a positive effect on your body and brain activities.

Oily fish has the essential omega 3 that is high in DHA fatty acid, which is necessary for a healthy nervous system.

A low DHA level has been linked in studies with developing Alzheimer’s disease and long term memory loss. By its content of iodine, oily fish is world known to improve intellectual stimulation and mental clarity.

You may have an overdose of blueberries because studies have shown that they are a great tool in improving short term memory loss and will surely improve your memory too.

Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is a string antioxidant that will protect your body from the free radicals that could damage your cells and could lead to dementia, most especially Alzheimer’s.

Vitamin B12 and folic acid that are found in cereals are known to prevent homocysteine from building up, an effect that has been noticed in people that suffer from Alzheimer’s. At the same time they will give a great boost of energy thus keeping your mind alert for a much longer period.

Blackcurrants have a high level of vitamin C which is known for its benefits in increasing mental agility. All fruits contain vitamin C in small doses but blackcurrants have the highest level yet known.

Pumpkin seeds are great as a daily snack and will have your daily recommended amount of zinc into them making them a win-win choice for a healthy life style.

Your brainpower and cognitive function will improve with the help of vitamin K and a very great source of it will be found in broccoli.

Studies have shown that sage has a very good reputation in improving memory and at the same time new theories have been made on the benefits of the essential oil too.

Vitamin E is a great way to prevent memory loss and it can be found in nuts, seeds, leady greens vegetables, eggs, whole grains and brown rice.

Scientists have found two great supplements that will help you in your fight with memory loss. The first is Eye Q, which would be a mix between oily fish and evening primrose oil, which is known to boots up the brainpower in children. Studies have shown that children that have partaken this kind of supplement in their diet had great results in their attention spans and reading skills. The second one is named Ethos Endymion, containing L-Carosine, a quite strong antioxidant that will have a great effect on preventing cataracts, speeding up wound healing, improving skin tone and protection of the brain from plaque formation that could lead to senility.

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