Top aliments that lower cholesterol level

We can say about cholesterol that it is a fatty substance produced by the liver under certain stimuli (food, metabolism, heredity) that has a very important role for the body in the restoration of cell membranes (cell repair, tissue regeneration) and the interrelation of certain hormones involved in most of our vital functions.

Cholesterol concentration in the blood is a much debated issue. It is important to know few details about cholesterol, but much more practical and useful is to know the factors that increase cholesterol, how to avoid some of them and what action should be taken to keep the optimal cholesterol level.

Synthesizing information, cholesterol is a fat matter generated by the liver. Cholesterol molecules enter the blood stream to exercise his functions, but afterwards they need to be eliminated through the walls of the weasels. When blood cholesterol concentration is higher than it should, these molecules accumulate in the blood vessel walls (which they do not manage to cross), forming a sort of greasy plates, called aterom plaques, involved in pathologies such as atherosclerosis.

Hypercholesterolemia (high concentration of cholesterol in the blood) is determined by many factors, such as:

– Poor diet, high in animal fat

– Alcohol

– Smoking

– Caffeine

– Stress

– Certain medications

– Heredity: children who are born from parents who suffer from hypercholesterolemia have a high risk of developing high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease

– Obesity


Top foods that lower cholesterol

1. Cereals. It is recommended to eat whole grains each morning, simple or with milk or yoghurt. Daily consumption of cereals is also much more beneficial, not just about cholesterol. For example, they provide energy, stabilize the intestinal transit and digestion, combat constipation and contain lots of B vitamins.

2. Soy. Consumption of soybean in different preparations has many benefits regarding cholesterol in the blood. Soy is famous for its many benefits, but we must draw attention to its quality. It is known that some genetically modified soy products lose their positive effects over health.

3. Olives and olive oil: natural fatty acids contained by olives and olive oil stabilize blood cholesterol concentration.

4. Fish: Although it sounds paradoxical, the fatter the fish meat, anticholesterol effects are greater. For example, eat salmon.

5. Fruits and vegetables have always been recommended for your daily diet for the many benefits they bring to the body. The high content of vitamins, minerals and some fiber, fruits and vegetables provide a significant amount of quality nutrients necessary to maintain normal functioning of body and tone the immune system.

6. Onions and garlic. Onion and garlic lower cholesterol, but also strengthen the immune system and treat insomnia. Even pickled, these two vegetables will help fight against hypercholesterolemia.

7. Sunflower seeds: These contain substantial amounts of linoleic acid, decreasing cholesterol accumulation on the walls of arteries.

8. Coriander seeds: these show other effects, not only lower cholesterol. They are a good diuretic and are recommended in some kidney, heart, hypertension disorders, ascites, edema and others. Prepare a decoction to be consumed twice a day for several weeks, and then pause for a month (not to be exaggerated, because it can create ionic imbalances due to their diuretic effect).

9. Lecithin: it is known as having effects on the nervous system, as an adjunct to mental fatigue, intellectual overloading etc. But lecithin is an essential substance for the liver, helping in carrying out its functions; it is involved in regulating the secretion of bile and also by adjusting the concentration of cholesterol.

10. Eggplant: they contain vitamin C and P, which help lower blood cholesterol, reducing the risk that it gets on the blood vessel walls, and developing various cardiovascular diseases including myocardial infarction.

What foods you should avoid:

– Fried foods

– Butter

– Whipped cream, ice cream, fat cakes

– Fat meat

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