Tips for healthy cooking

Cooking tricks are frequently displayed on TV, which can help you if you need to save some time by preparing something healthy and consistent. Some things to be taken into considerations when preparing the meal are:

– Vegetables and grains are healthy and good for consumption if you do not float to the surface when deposited in a container with water. Beans that float to the surface should be removed because they were affected by pests or mold;

– Berries, strawberries, blueberries are some excellent ingredients for all sorts of creams and sauces or for dessert or for a main course;

– Eggs that get stuck on the cardboard they have been stored in can be detached easily if you wet the cardboard before;

– To sew well the turkey or the chicken before placing it in the oven, it can be done easily using floss without wax or flavors.

Floss will do a good job and can be successfully used for sewing pastry filled with vegetables or meat, or even sausages and stuffed peppers;

– cabbage leafs used for cooking can become tenderer if it is kept two days in the refrigerator and put to defrost one night.

– White flour from the food pantry will always be protected from insects if stored dry with a few bay leaves. Bay leaves keep bugs away including on the shelves and drawers in the kitchen, so do not forget to use them where appropriate;

– Ginger, ginger root in particular, is better kept in the refrigerator only for short periods of time, otherwise ginger should stay in the freezer, removing just a little bit of it when needed for cooking

– Sweet peppers and eggplants can be kept a long period of time in the freezer in special bags. They can be peeled and placed in the freezer after they have cooled for future use.

– One teaspoon of lemon juice added to the water in which you boil the rice makes it fluffier and keeps it very white.

– Vegetables last longer if kept wrapped in kitchen paper and then placed into bags in the fridge or freezer.

– Egg whites help a lot in getting high quality cream;

– Potatoes do not sprout in the food pantry if stored together with one or two apples;

– Perfect ice cubes are always made from hot water;

– Beat egg whites only in stainless steel containers;

– burgers and other minced meat products do not stick to the pan or grill pan or if it is well lubricated with thin strips of barbecue bacon.

It is known that some foods are richer in nutrients than others.

Avocados, for example, are fruits that can provide quality protein and monounsaturated fat that lowers blood cholesterol. Additionally, avocados also contain vitamins E and B6, and potassium.

Bananas are another example; there are even diets that rely exclusively on this food. Besides good intake of carbohydrates and potassium bananas may also help lower blood pressure.

Blueberries, blackberries and other berries can significantly slow the effects of aging and are valuable sources of dietary fiber. Additionally, the berries help treat urinary infections or other infections.

Broccoli is a truly blessed food rich in vitamin C, and a number of other active ingredients such as lutein, folic acid and others that do wonders for our health.

Garlic and onions should not miss from the diet because they offer, especially if consumed raw, a series of very useful nutrients for healthy skin, fight infections and even circulatory system problems.

Grapes not only offer plenty of dietary fiber, but also antioxidants useful for circulatory health and that of the digestive system.

All green vegetables and different varieties of cabbage should not be omitted from the regular diet because they offer dietary fiber, vitamins A and C, B vitamins and a wide range of other ingredients useful for health.

Nuts and seeds are rich in minerals and various essential vitamins, but also contain oils with good role in regulating many body processes.

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