The Mayo Clinic Diet

This diet was created firstly at the Mayo Clinic Diet from Minnesota but there are several phony versions out there, the original being created only for people that would submit to the treatment from the nutritionists from the clinic. It used to be a very hush-hush recipe that only few people knew about and that only patients from that clinic would gain from but in time there has been leaks from the clinic and the original version partook the false road as well.

There are several success stories before this happened, this clinic being famous for its results and more and more people submitted themselves to this diet but after the false blew up, the clinic’s prestige took also a hard blow and people swamped recipes at the water cooler for less money than it usually it would cost.

The basic recipe is that this diet will have a low carbohydrates and high fat plan that will have as primary tool the wonders of the grapefruit.

The dieters must withhold this diet for twelve days, after which make a break for two days and continuing with a ten weeks period in reaching the final promised goal: losing up to fifty-five pounds. The clinic states that this is nonsense and that such results cannot be seen anywhere and also that it would take a far larger amount of time in having this type of goal achieved. They argue that this is more about a healthy lifestyle and introducing healthy eating habits instead of having a rapid and large weight loss, which would be considered in any type of dieting very unhealthy.

The main keys to the mayo clinic diet are: becoming more physically active, eating only according to the pyramid of the healthy weight ( which is designed for each type of group food and nutrients), adopting a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits, staying motivated all the way and having realistic goals in losing weight.

The servings for each type of food is different and it will have included a specific plan for every type of dieter, having a rough estimate of 1200 up to 1800 calories per day depending on your starting weight, sex and goal of weight loss. As in any diet vegetables, fruits and proteins will become your best allies in fighting those nasty extra pounds and also you must not forget that a daily exercise routine will help you in achieving your goal much faster.

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