The cabbage soup diet

This type of soup will be low on calories and will help you in your fight against those extra pounds that you were trying to lose but you must keep in mind that this is a very restrictive diet and it is not suggested by most nutritionists due to the low calorie per day number.

In spite of these disadvantages this type of diet has survived the test of time and many people have tried and succeeded gracefully in losing weight with it. It has been documented and there are various types of cabbage soup diets that can be partaken and it is fairly recommended that before you do try it you would think what type of consumer you are.

You can have it more mashed so that you may have the impression that you are masticating something or you can make it more liquid so you will have at the end of the day a liquid based diet at your hand.

The choice is up to you if you want to make it more individualized or you would want to take the recipe that you just got from that little gossip around the water cooler. There are no exercise recommendations also or no tips in changing your bad habits, just a very strict diet of cabbage and cabbage soup. The recipe is quite simple in making it and it can taste delicious for some but for more than a few days it can become a hassle.

The main tip that this article can give you is that it is all about tricking your body thus you can prepare it differently but with the same ingredients leaving the mind and also the body in thinking it is a new type of food. Sadly, it is not recommended that when you would partake this type of diet to visit restaurants or other food serving places because in most menus this type of food will not be there and the craving will instantly come.

The cabbage soup diet will promise you a ten pound per week loss and you will have a restriction on a week per month in using it due to the low nutrients that it contains. Along the way you are allowed to eat any type of fruits and vegetables you would like so at the end of the day it would be come a more healthy based diet but you must take also into account the amount that will be consumed and not to cross that line when it comes to your calories number per day.

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