The Big Breakfast Diet

The main goal in keeping a diet is to not cut out any type of nutrient from the list but to plan side by side with your nutritionist the specific amount that your body needs. A very important factor that we must keep in mind when one would like to partake any type of diet is that the any human body is different in processes and needs from another thus not every diet will work the same way in a cycle for example of ten persons. There is a different need to every organism and before you will keep a diet you must know the needs of your body.

There is a common phrase that starts with ‘eat breakfast like a king’ in acknowledging the fact that in the morning the body will need a high dose of nutrients after being awaken of its dormant state. Thus the big breakfast diet is based on the theory that everybody should have the Sunday type of breakfast every day. Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz states that by eating a breakfast of 600 up to 900 calories before nine o’clock the body will be fueled with energy and will not need any snacks or food all day long. Lunch will be a healthy salad and by night if you do get hungry, fruits will be your best ally.

This type of breakfast will fire up your metabolism and your body will take advantage of your circadian rhythms thus burning the fat deposits along the way. The best part of this type of diet is the fact that you can eat anything that you would want in the first meal of the day. Donuts, ice cream or pizza are no longer on the black list of the do not diets and also you will not be restrained by the psychological matter of being not allowed to eat certain foods that you may enjoy.

Studies have shown that you can lose up to 25 pounds in 30 days by eating the foods you enjoy the most, not having any cravings all day long and being energized all day long burning all the fat deposits. In the rest of the day you will eat salads and all the other long known diet allowed foods that you would like keeping them up to 600 calories as a maximum thus having a win-win situation. Also a very important factor that must be kept in mind is the fact that it will take a right combination of sweets, carbohydrates and proteins to keep you energized all day long.

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