Low carbohydrates diet

There are various healthy and nutritious foods with carbohydrates that you can include in your diet. It is a very good and simple way to make your diet easier and more fun. By reducing carbohydrates in your diet and following an exercise program you can lose body fat and amplify muscular mass at the same time.

Of course, everybody should be aware that the results will not occur earlier than six weeks.

Beans / grains

Are the most valuable foods you can add on the list of low carbohydrates nutrients. They contain many proteins which are very important in any diet to provide the nutrients your body needs.

Eggs and dairy products

Another group of foods that should be included in your low carb diet are eggs and products based on milk. And they have a lot of extra protein and offers a wider variety (do not forget that in this category enter eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt and many other derivatives).


Of course you need meat for such a list, but be careful which one you include. Hamburger meat or pork chops are too rich in carbohydrates. But chicken is low in carbohydrates and high in protein. In other words, the preferred type of meat for this diet.

Fruits and vegetables

When you make a list of low carb foods, be sure to include enough of fruits and vegetables. Whether eaten as they are, whether you prefer them as a snack during the day, you should not neglect them. The best idea would be to have them ready beforehand in a bag in the refrigerator. Thus you will have them at hand when you feel the urge to eat something. The main reason that most people do not get through with their diet are between-meal snacks. They are hungry and want something immediately. Unfortunately they are tented to eat something sweet or fast-food.

There are good carbs and bad for your health and figure! If you eat processed sugar and white flour products, the problems will not delay to appear. Our body processes good carbohydrates harder, leading to a gradual constant discharge of energy. They are found in fruits and vegetables and are also a source of fiber (which the body cannot digest, and thus we feel “full” and we lose weight).

Besides the fact that we lose weight based on a small amount of carbohydrate diet, this type of nourishment also has its short-comings and side effects that are often left outside. First, most of the weight loss is not fat, is actually water. Secondly, it is very possible to decrease the basic metabolism.

Thirdly, when neglecting important foods such as fruits and grains, you deprive yourself from important vitamins and minerals. Finally, if you practice a sport, you will greatly reduce your chances of working at maximum potential if you do not consume enough carbs.

Diets low in carbohydrates can lead to decreased athletic performance. At a sporting event, most of the spent energy comes from carbohydrates. An athlete cannot perform at its maximum potential without enough intake of carbohydrates.

Without the proper amount of carbohydrates the body will have to create them in order to have energy. In this way the body will have to work at a lower rate not to exceed the rate of creation of carbohydrates.

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