How to maintain your figure - culinary tricks

If you are not keen on weight loss diets, but you’ve set a goal to lose weight, it means that you need a balanced and above all healthy diet to follow. With so many culinary temptations, it is hard to abstain, especially when you do not keep a strict diet, in which you know exactly what, when and how much you eat.

Here are some culinary tricks that will keep temptation away and will make you and save 500 calories a day – even more if you know your job and follow your target.

Saving 500 calories a day, you have less than about a pound, after only a week without being hungry holding a restricted diet, but you have partially satisfied your desires.

We divided suggestions into three parts, depending on time of day. Except at night, when you should not nibble anything, you can eat nourishing breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus one or two snacks during the day, feeling full and keep your metabolism at an advanced level.


Have you ever looked at the ingredients list of “regime” grain at the supermarket? Despite their name that inspires health and wellbeing, most contain sugar! Forget about super processed cereals and rely on whole grains, without any additives, with yogurt and a handful of raw almonds or dried fruit. A healthy and dietetic breakfast!

Forget: processed cereals with added sugar, scrambled eggs, muffins, croissants with jam or chocolate, coffee and sugar – approx. 250 kcal per serving.

Replace them with: whole grains, yogurt, herbal tea, cheese omelet, omelet of egg whites, fruit salad – approx. 150 kcal per serving.


If you prefer to order food at the office or lunch out with friends, it’s time you change these habits which are not at all good for your figure. When buying food in a compulsive way, it is hard to keep track of calories or, in many cases, even to stop eating when we feel tired. Take the sachet of food at home as at school or order a simple salad, no extra toppings!

Stay away from: chicken fries, salad with many toppings bought from fast food, sandwich ham, garnish and sauce from the store bought, processed and packaged foods – approx. 500 kcal per serving.

Replace them with: steamed vegetables with grilled chicken, homemade salads, with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, sandwich bread, vegetables and cooked chicken breast, spinach dish – approx. 350 kcal portion.

Snacks during the day

During the day, take one or two snacks to keep your metabolism high. Particularly in the afternoon, you start to feel tired, and most acutely feel the need for a snack and something good.

Forget about: candy, chips, pretzels, and sweetened juice – approx. 250 kcal.

Replace them with: a banana, some raw almonds, pistachios, fruit, and popcorn – approx. 100 kcal.


When you get home at night, it is important to keep the discipline that you showed during the day and not eat everything you can find. Choose foods low in calories like soups, salads and lighter foods, to calm down your hunger and not to load your body during the night.

Forget: lasagna, pasta Bolognese – approx. 350 kcal portion.

Replace them with: tomato soup and whole wheat noodles, tuna salad, baked apple with a teaspoon of caramelized sugar – approx. 250 kcal portion.

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