Healthy Foods – Lemons

They are the most natural and healthy way of getting that daily dose of vitamin C in your body and also the juiciest form of cooling off on a hot summer day with the help of some ice, water and brown sugar. You will recognize them as being oval in shape and yellow in color as for the limes will be more round at times, greener and also smaller. Like all vegetables and fruits, lemons have their unique capacity in containing large amounts of antioxidants and anti-cancer properties.

Limes will have flavonol glycosides that have been studied and been recognized in stopping the cell division in several cancer types, leaving them as the most interesting and natural antibiotic of all times. In many villages thought South Africa in which there have been many cholera epidemics, lime and lemon juice has been introduced in the diet and there have been tremendous results in healing and combating the bacteria named Vibrio cholera.

Its nutrients gave a strong shield to the human body in fighting off this type of disease and in many more. From that successful story there have been several studies on the healing powers that limes and lemons contain, being nowadays an important diet factor in cancer patients. Adding to their uniqueness, limes and lemons will be an excellent source in gaining the daily amount of vitamin C needed by the human body.

This is a primary antioxidant that will be found in several types of fruits and this will be the primary water soluble antioxidant needed by the human body. It will travel along the body and in doing so it will neutralize free radicals that the human body comes in contact with from the environment from the inside and also from the outside.

The free radicals have the ability in interacting with the cells and in damaging them causing infection or inflammation of various parts of the organism thus vitamin C is a great tool in combating symptoms for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Also free radicals can change cholesterol and damage the blood vessels so vitamin C will be very helpful in the prevention of diabetic heart disease and the progression of atherosclerosis.

With all the helping nutrients that they contain lemons and limes are the very best choice on your shopping agenda and do keep in mind that they are a very good ally in having a strong immune system and a healthy eating lifestyle.

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