Healthy Eating at Work

It’s time to find out how you can keep a perfect figure, avoiding bad eating habits specific in the workplace.

1. Do not skip breakfast

Waking up early and sleep with your eyes opened in the morning is not the best way to wake up in the morning, stop thinking only about how to make your coffee as soon as possible.

Experts say that the energy you need throughout the day is provided to you by a nutritious breakfast, not the ordinary coffee. So, make it a habit to eat breakfast every morning and to avoid the later snacking before lunch hour.

To maintain your figure, it is not necessary skipping lunch or dinner – rather prefer a menu consisting of fruit, yogurt, etc. Otherwise, your body retains fat and will have the opposite effect not the desired one.

2. Prefer healthy sandwiches

When you have no time to take your lunch break, you most often opt for the sandwich option. If you don’t want to gain weight, it is recommended to run away from the fast-food across the street and prepare yourself a healthy sandwich consisting of bread, chicken or turkey or any , ham, tomatoes, cucumber or whatever you like best. Add some raw vegetables such as lettuce. Avoid mayonnaise, preferring, instead, just a dash of mustard. Last but not least, give at least 10 minutes in which to enjoy the delicious sandwich that you have prepared, away from the computer.

3. Create your perfect menu at the cafeteria

When you eat in the cafeteria, you should not worry that you will be served fat or unhealthy food. Try to create the perfect menu of dishes they have available. For example, if you want a steak that has beside it a portion of fries, ask the staff to replace it with, say, a serving of vegetables that are eaten separately. In addition, remember to eat only as much as you need – if you feel full before you finish the food on your plate, do not force yourself!

4. Order salads

When you order food at the office, not just automatically think of pizza! Prefers a restaurant menu from where you can order a tasty salad. As well, you can opt for Thai food, Japanese. Again, give yourself a few minutes, even when you’re short of time to enjoy your menu that you ordered.

5. Have a healthy snack

When, towards the afternoon, you get hungry, do not suppress impulses, because you risk raiding the fridge when you get home. Instead, take a snack made from yogurt, fresh or dried fruit, cereal bars. A snack will keep your hunger under control until you get home and you will prepare a casual dinner.

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