Healthy diet in winter

Because drug abuse is not recommended especially in the times we are living is good to stimulate our immune system mainly through the introduction of a balanced diet and natural supplements and full of useful nutrients.

Citrus juice, for example, is the first thing we think when we want to prevent specific diseases of winter, because it contains vitamin C, but also helpful is parsley(easy to find, even in winter), bananas, apples or avocado, also rich in vitamin C.

What matters more in the winter diet is primarily vitamin C intake, and it’s quite important alone, but the contribution of many other antioxidants can help the body to properly protect not only from bad weather, but also from overeating and drinking, which are quite frequent at this time.

Fiber, as specific diets tend to be lacking in this season must be purchased not only from bread, but also carrots, vegetables, grains, and whole grains or oatmeal. Fiber and water consumption help to improve immune system activity as much as vitamin C or other antioxidants.

Hot soups ,full of vitamins, scented herbal teas, skimmed milk or juice freshly squeezed and well prepared and served at room temperature also have a positive role not only for good health but for our general good condition. Honey can sometimes help to sweeten the dishes from home and giving us an extra protection against viral infections in winter.

Last but not least all kinds of seasonings and spices like cinnamon, cloves or nutmeg cannot miss from the days of winter, and other special events that require the use of such ingredients almost every day. Condiments positively stimulate the metabolic rate, but also contain antioxidants and other nutrients good for our body. Excesses in this case, however, are not indicated.

Alcohol consumption is not bad, if limited to 3-4 servings per day and no more. Winter alcohol, especially wine and brandy are welcome. Coffee consumption in moderation can also do well. Beware however of carbonated soft drinks and mineral water: they contain substances that are not recommended for the organism.

Nobody says that winter is not a good time to work out or exercise. Afternoon walks are now very welcome especially as jogging in not compliant for this season. Another great solution to stay in shape during winter is to work out at the gym as outdoors sports are reserved for spring and summer time.

Long walks, sledding, skiing, short trips to the mountains and other ways of spending time in nature are available to everyone and people should not miss the opportunity to burn some calories no matter how cold it is outside.

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