Healthiest Foods – Salmon

But there are recent studies that have show that salmon will contain very small bioactive protein molecules that are named bioactive peptides and that will have a positive effect on insulin effectiveness, joint cartilage or the inflammation of the digestive tract. Though there is a risk in contamination with pesticides, mercury or persistent organic pollutants also known as POPS in many salmon growing habitats, there are many that are not endangered whatsoever.

Such a category will be the Alaskan salmon, so when you are going out to buy some fish do try to ask from where it has been brought and it what conditions it has lived.

As an end goal you will be far better informed thus making a more informed, healthy and correct decision.

This type of fish has earned its reputation by having large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids within it, only four ounces of broiled or baked salmon will be have two or three grams of fat, this being far more than an adult will partake from a normal diet within a week. There have been several studies in showing the benefits of the omega 3 fatty acids from a better brain functioning to a improved and far better transfer of information between the cells of the body, it is a very important tool in fighting diseases all around.

The benefits that will always stand out will be the cardiovascular ones, research showing that a consumption of the omega 3 fatty acids will decrease several cardiovascular problems that will surely include strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, heart arrhythmia and a high number of triglycerides in the blood.

Also there has been noted improvement in some metabolic markers in several cardiovascular diseases. The diet will depend solely on that specific person, research showing that some could have positive effects on their body by have only one fish meal per week, others may need a much higher dosage of omega 3 fatty acids to reach that benefit.

Also consumption of this type of food will help brain functions and mood elevation, studies showing that omega 3 fatty acids can and will decrease the risk of hostility even in teenagers, the risk of depression or an overall cognitive decline in older persons. There has been a linked made even between the IQ of a person and the intake of omega 3 fatty acids that that person will have in his or her diet. On a small scale it can have very positive effects on your joints and also it can improve your vision due to the prostaglandis that it will contain.

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