Healthiest Foods – Potatoes

In its family you can find tomatillos, peppers, eggplants and tomatoes that come from the Solanaceae or better known as the nightshade family. They will represent the swollen part of the underground tuber, known as a stem also, and will be made to provide food for the portion with leafs from the plant. When flowering and fruiting it will have an uncanny resemblance to the tomato family.

Potatoes are the most popular food source in the entire world and in some are considered the cheapest but the sad part is that most people will eat them in the most unhealthiest ways: fried or French fries, baked potatoes with bacon or cheese, sour cream or butter, chips and so on. Such foods can be an important contributor to many heart diseases and even heart attacks.

You must keep in mind that there is a specific way in which every fruit or vegetable should be eaten and be prepared to give its full capacity of nutrients for the human body and by doing so you will keep a strong immune system and a very healthy body. This also applies in the case of potatoes and when you will take away all that deep frying and extra fat, a baked potato will have very low calories and will give the body significant protection in fighting with cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Also in potatoes little did you know that you can find a large amount of vitamin C that is an important antioxidant, helping the organism by giving it a shield against free radicals that will damage cells and give a free pass for many types of cancers and they can be a very good source as well for vitamin B6, potassium, copper, manganese and dietary fiber. In their composition you can find a large variety of phytonutrients that will have an antioxidant effect on the human body.

In most diets potatoes will be strongly suggested to be put on the not to eat list but in time nutritionist have allowed them to pass into the safe zone if only you will learn to cook them properly.

Deep fried potatoes and with a deep fried steak is the most delicious but at the same time potentially deadly combination of foods that it can exist on the market, having a awful effect also on your physique and your state of mind, being recognized that fatty foods in large amounts will make you sleepier and more prone to a sedentary state.

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