HCG diet

A newly research diet that promises to make you lose a pound per day or in some cases even more is the HCG diet. This was developed by a doctor that believes that by injecting a hormone that will be found in pregnant women into the dieter will help reduce the pounds and in time give a balance to the newly shaped body.

In 1927 medics discovered that the urine of pregnant women will contain a substance named human chorionic gonadotropin or also known as HCG.

This was a revolutionary breakthrough due to the fact that women can know today if they are pregnant or not. Among the benefits of this discovery is also the fact that by checking the levels of HCG, a doctor can predict some risks and birth defects that a child may suffer from.

As any new diet that is launched, there remains the question as if there are any HCG diet dangers or any HCG diet side effects. There is no study or research that can prove any negative effects that it may have on the human body if the HGC diet plan will be thoroughly kept. This type of diet has been described as the fastest and safest way to lose weight and at the same time maintain a balance with the newly restored body.

The HGC diet phases from one to three will keep the dieter fit and physical active. There are also several recipes for HGC diet that will provide some cooking imagination to the person that will maintain this type of diet and also some restaurants had the great idea to introduce HGC diet menus in order to support the dieter in achieving his or her goal and at the same time not limiting himself or herself to the same products daily.

The calories that the dieter will be allowed to eat will be low, having a maximum of 500 calories per day but following the main rules of the HGC diet will help in having great results at the end of the diet. If you are one of the people that tried several diets by know without any success then maybe this is your lucky day. As a primary step you should got to the doctor and get a full check up so you will know that you will be able to maintain such a strict diet without harming yourself.

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