HCG diet recipe

It sounds very strict and somewhat hard to achieve but at the same time with the help of this hormone within your body, the fat will be converted into energy thus leaving you as pumped as before the only difference will be that you will lose almost a pound per day. Statistics show that within the HCG diet plans there will be a weight loss of almost 30 pounds in 30 days. The treatment could be repeated only after three months of the finalization of the primary treatment.

This type of diet is suitable for healthy women and mean all around the world without taking into account ethnicity, age or state.

The single inconvenient will be the fact that this type diet will be somewhat expensive. There are alternatives to it as the HCG diet drops, which will require no injections but a small dose of drops daily and a strict diet of 500 calories per day. This will have the same success as the primary diet. In addition there were created various helping tools like HCG diet recipes or restaurants that have HCG diet menus in order to promote variety for the bored and less imaginative dieter.

The HCG diet reviews are all positive, studies showing an increasing population undergoing this type of diet and also a huge weight loss. There are some HCG diet recipe ingredient substitutions that you should know about in order to make your process easier and help you reaching your goal more informed.

Two slices of turkey bacon could be substituted with one tea spoon of smoked paprika or chipotle power or sugar free ketchup could be switched for one tea spoon of vinegar with some sweetener for the taste. There are several books with entire lists that will be very useful for the dieters and also some famous recipes that will remain on your daily eating habits after finishing this diet.

The HCG diet recipe for shrimp ceviche will require two lbs of shrimp frozen or fresh, cooked or raw, two large lemons freshly squeezed, three large limes, one table spoon of fresh garlic, four large tomatoes, fresh paisley and sea salt and ground pepper for the taste. Combine the first three ingredients within a bowl, let them marinate for almost 30 minutes. After this prepare the oven and chop all the other ingredients, add the marinated shrimp and leave it to bake for almost 45 minutes. Leave it after this to stew in its own juices and it is perfect for serving. The amounts described are good for four portions.

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