Foods that will give you a health boots

There are more and more companies that are adding higher concentrations of natural nutrients as usual to make the products healthier. This can have its own twist and be the end of this article you will know everything there is to know before you go out with your shopping list to the supermarket.

There is a new kind of ‘super’ yogurt on the market that was released in March and according to scientist it contains plant sterols that will inhibit the absorption of cholesterol and a minimum of two six ounce of Yoplait Healthy Heart will provide you with a 0.

8 grams of plant sterols which would be the equivalent of 26 oranges, 22 servings of Brussels sprouts, 70 large carrots or 44 apples. Besides this wonder yogurt thousands of similar products are hitting the market daily as the manufacturers want more and more to combine in their on product pharmaceutical like ingredients for a better life style.

A similar product is DanActive, a drink that will contain ten times of the culture that is found in the normal found-in-stores yogurt and will heighten the natural defenses of your body. Logic Juice 4 Joints is a fruit drink that is made out of chondroitin and glucosamine that will ease joint pains and arthritis and will go hand in hand with the new omega eggs, that come from chickens with a high diet of mega 3 fatty acids, that studies show will reduce the risk of many illnesses including heart disease. Benecol spreads will also contain plant sterols and can be combined with Kellogg’s Smart Start Cereals which are full of soy proteins or antioxidants or Wonder Bread in which has been added folic acid, leading to a very nourishing breakfast and kick off start of your day.

Because of the food-labeling laws, the on growing market of healthy foods kept manufacturers busy day and night in trying to combine the appeal of products with healthy aspects as well. More and more consumers try on these types of products and claim that there has been a huge change in their own life style, feeling more energized, having a better efficaciousness and leading to a much more happy state of mind thus and body.

From 2004, sales have tripled in this kind of industry and the manufacturers gave a hard run for their money to say it nicely for the traditional manufacturers. Scientists tried to find out if such an ‘overdose’ from these types of products can have any effect on the body, most especially taking into account the fact that it is not used to such a boom in nutrients or vitamins and until now the results have been inconclusive but at the same time stating that surely there are more advantages to these types of products on the long run as opposed to the traditional ones.

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