Do not gain weight on Holidays

Because we know that you’re greedy and that Christmas or Easter dinner will be a true gastronomic feast, here are some ideas and suggestions which can help you to to escape unharmed from the specific temptations during Holidays. So get ready to learn how to avoid indigestion during the holidays.


Eat fruits and vegetables as often as you can

Try to replace at least from time to time the various cookies and cake with some fruit – oranges, kiwi, tangerine or whatever you like best.

To be more tempted to eat, you could transform them into a tasty fruit salad, and you can even put over it a little bit of dark chocolate to give it a special flavor.

Try to include in the menu steak cooked in steam

This year you can to try to cook roast pork in a less common way – in steam. This will require, however, one particular device, your steamer, which can be purchased from any electronics store. We guarantee it will be a very good investment, because it will save you many troubles, not only for the specific holiday period.

Steam seal

You can use the new acquisitions steamer to cook them in a more efficient way. Preparing vegetables will help them seal in the steam to keep their rich nutritional content, which are usually lost by boiling.

Replace sodas with plain water and / or natural juices

We know that after you feast on a good cake, you feel the need to drink a glass of juice (or wine). But you will not do harm, trying to replace it with some natural liquids. In this way: avoid feeling bloated due to their consumption and equip you with vitamins designed to protect you from diseases of the season.

Drink in moderation

Now let’s get to the heavy artillery. If suggested above to reduce consumption of carbonated drinks, you should apply the same advice regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages. We know that red wine goes well with roasted pork and slice of cake, but limit yourself to 1-2 drinks at the holiday meal. Do not abuse, because you risk not only with weight gain but also headaches. For variation, you can also try some brandy, but only a glass, to help in digestion, not more.

If you feel like snacking, eat some dried fruit

It is at least natural. In this case, you might want to chew some dried fruit. These little treats do not affect your figure, you are healthy and stay away from bad water retention.

Stop eating before you feel full

The custom is to finish everything on your plate. Feeling of fullness does not appear immediately, but after about several minutes. So stop even if you think you are not satisfied and resume after a few minutes if necessary.


Between meals, take the opportunity and make some exercises: at least go out for a walk. Movement will do you good after you eat foods high in fat and calories, will increase your serotonin levels, the hormone of happiness, will burn extra calories and you will prepare for another round of goodies.

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