Diabetic diet

Diabetes will be caused by a resistance to insulin, a lack of insulin or in some cases a combination of both. To have a better understanding of diabetes, it is fairly important to understand firstly where the food will be processed and broken down in order for the body to produce energy. A sugar named glucose will enter the bloodstream, which will be as a source of fuel for the human body.

The organ named pancreas will produce insulin, having as a role to move the glucose from the bloodstream into the fat, muscle and liver cells so that it can be used, as earlier stated, as fuel.

A diabetic diet will always be recommended to a person that will suffer from any type of diabetes to lower the insulin level and give a healthier approach to life. There are several diabetic diet plans that you or your partner could undergo and with the help of several manufacturers today that produce a variety of healthier products, your diet will not suffer huge differences.

People that suffer from diabetes will have a high blood sugar which will be caused by the lack of insulin that is produced normally by the pancreas, lack of response to insulin from the fat, liver cells or the muscle and a combination of the two situations.

There are three types of diabetes. Type one diabetes will be most commonly diagnosed in childhood but there are cases in which the patient will be diagnosed later on in their 20s due to the lack of medical investigation. The body will produce no or little insulin and there will be a need for daily injections. The main cause is still unknown but the patient is recommended to visit a diabetic diet planner in order to maintain a healthy living style.

For this type of diet there is a specific diet named diabetic diet type one, which will be the most common found in the world studies showing that 32% of the population of the world will suffer from it.

Type two diabetes will be less common then type one and it will usually take place in adulthood. The pancreas will not produce enough insulin to keep the blood glucose levels normal thus the body will not respond well to insulin. A diabetes meal plan will be presented as the person will be diagnosed thus the patient will have further help in knowing what kinds of food he or she should eat during a meal or have as a snack.

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