Atkins Diet

This is a low carbohydrate diet that will promise you that you will never be hungry, lose weight and at the very same time have a very healthy body and very good memory function. The wellness benefits have been studied and tested by doctors all around the world and the outcome: this is the most recommended diet in the present by all nutritionists not only because it is healthy but because it can keep you mind and spirit healthy.

The theory of this diet is that most overweight people will eat way too many carbohydrates and the body will first burn the fat and those carbohydrates but if that person does not have an active lifestyle, in time, those calories will show.

By eating more protein and fat and reducing the carbohydrates, the body will naturally lose weight, become more energetic and in time reach the goal oriented weight number that every person aspires too.

The fat will be burned more efficiently and it will become a very healthy lifestyle, all in all leading to a very successful story. There are several books that can be testimonials to this type of diet as being the most efficient of them all but truthfully it will all lead up to your will power. Also a very important factor is that this specific diet is a very good helping tool in preventing heart disease. In reducing the carbohydrates the body will be in a state of ketosis which will mean that it will burn from its own reserves of fat in the need for fuel. You will feel less hungry thus you will eat less but have the same energy or even more.

There have been some disadvantages to this type of diet because some people had some adverse effects like constipation or bad odor but you must keep in mind that some carbohydrates are good for your body as cereal or dark bread. The end result in keeping such a diet will be that your body will transform itself form a carbohydrates machine to a fat burning engine.

As in any diet, the first three days are crucial in maintaining the diet. You will sure have cravings and it will be fairly normal but studies have shown that it will take a month of an eating style to become a habit and an eating lifestyle, so do not get discouraged by remembering that everybody has their weak spots.

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