Atkins diet plans

He wanted to popularize this specific method due to the fact that he used this specific diet to have results in his fight with overweight. After the world embarked in the Atkins diet success, the Atkins diet plans were so popular that the author decided he should write another book after his findings, changing some of the Atkins food lists but sticking with the original concepts.

The main idea of this diet would be that a limited consumption of carbohydrates will make the body switch its metabolism from metabolizing glucose as main packs of energy to a conversion to the fatty deposits to produce energy.

This type of process is wildly known as ketosis and will take place when the insulin levels will be low.

People that do not have overweight problems will most of the time have the insulin level low, without taking into account some disorders that will change this, thus having a normal and healthy body that will produce energy from the food intake. In the first book, Doctor Atkins states that an intake of carbohydrates will be an advantage to the dieter due to the fact that it will be one of the much craved foods that will be on the list of atkins diet foods and that these carbohydrates will help in processing the food better, making food packs of energy to withheld a person the entire day.

In time people lead up to a huge success like losing twelve pounds in two weeks because there is no more need in eating a lot of fatty foods just to get the starving sensation gone and will be more prone in choosing the healthy carbohydrates that the body needs.

Within the Atkins diet phases a person could lose up to twelve pounds in two weeks if they will follow the food list for Atkins diet thoroughly. There are several books in helping the dieter follow the Atkins diet and as a start during the first week of diet, also named induction, a person will focus only on reducing carbohydrates drastically from their eating habits.

To have the best results, a person should stick to the Atkins diet plans and start with one of the first phases, depending solely on the amount of weight that needs to be lost. In time, this diet could become a very healthy eating life style because it provides the necessary food list to do it and also for the ones that lack inspiration, there are several books full of recipes that will help in having the body that the dieter wishes.

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