Atkins diet foods

This study was used by Robert Atkins to resolve his own issues regarding an overweight problem and after its success; he wanted to share it with the world. He wrote a series of books that were made with the soul goal on popularizing the method, the first one being ‘Dr Atkins’ Diet Revolution’ in 1972. Within the second book, he modified some parts of the Atkins diet plan but did not change the original concepts relating Atkins diet foods or other techniques that are suggested for a natural weight loss.

The main idea of this diet is to have a limited consumption of carbohydrates that will switch the metabolism of a body from processing glucose as energy to a conversion of body fat that will be stored as overweight pounds into energy.

This type of process is known as ketosis and will start when the level of insulin will be lowered. In people that do no have any overweight problems, the level of insulin is low due to the low glucose level within the blood. Ketosis lipolysis will take place when a part of the fat cells that are stored in the lipid will be moved into the blood thus using them for energy packs. The Atkins diet plan has four phases that will help a person to become accustomed to the new Atkins diet food list that he or she must follow.

The main argument that Doctor Robert Atkins made is that ‘burning fat will take more calories thus you will expend more calories’. This was stated in one of his studies where he descried an advantage in having a super sized breakfast and lunch leading up to a small dinner all taking 900 calories per day.

This study explained the fact that many dieters will lower the calories but will have a hard time in maintaining the diet due to the continuum state of hunger that they will be in and will always be striving for bad foods just to have the energy intake. Truthfully, a person does not have to eat fast foods all day long to feel satisfied or to swear off carbohydrates completely and Doctor Robert Atkins shows us this in the food list for Atkins diet. Protein foods like meat, eggs and seafood are welcomed to be within the week plan also among fat and oils and cheeses.

The main focus will be to known were to limit yourself but this will be fairly easy due to the fact that there is no restriction whatsoever and the weight loss will be healthy and easy if you just have the right schedule.

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