Viral Conjunctivitis

Viral conjunctivitis is contagious and is associated with a cold. It is usually caused by a virus that affects also the nose and the throat. This type of conjunctivitis is transmitted easily from one person to another.

The most common symptoms of viral conjunctivitis are : redness of the eye, tearing, itching and maybe pain, subconjunctival hemorrhage (bleeding between the with portion of the eye called sclera and the conjunctiva, that is the membrane that covers the sclera ). Generally a patient that suffers from viral conjunctivitis has no vision disturbances.

There are some factors that make a person to be prone to this condition. Among them are found: contact lenses, sharing towels or make up products, diabetes, a weak immune system (after chemotherapy, AIDS), allergies.

Besides the medical examination of the eye, in order to diagnose this condition blood tests may be required or allergy tests.


In the case of viral conjunctivitis, the treatment will not include antibiotics because they don’t kill viruses. The treatment will include: compresses with cold water, eye drops: antihistamine to stop the itching, in order to stop the itching, artificial tears, and to treat the inflammation: corticosteroid. Another step in treating viral conjunctivitis is washing the damaged eye more than once a day with a special solution containing salt should help.

It is better to avoid touching and scrapping the eye and to avoid makeup. Also is recommended to not use eye contacts until the condition disappears.

If the patient starts having fever or the pain around the eye is getting worse is necessary to take again a medical control. The same thing is recommended if the vision is affected or if the patient can’t stand the bright light.

The best way to prevent viral conjunctivitis is by taking care of the personal hygiene, washing the hands, the face an avoiding contact with already sick people.

The period of healing is around 2 weeks but the treatment must be taken seriously . There are some complications that may appear like : bacterial conjunctivitis, scars at the eyelid level, entropion, Keratoconjunctivitis. Keratoconjunctivitis is more severe because it includes sensitivity to light, bad vision and conjunctiva swelling.

The viruses that may cause viral conjunctivitis may also be guilty in case of chicken pox or herpes.

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