Glaucoma Symptoms

Sometimes patients that will have a fluctuant level of intra-ocular pressure may feel some haziness in the vision and see haloes around light, this will especially happen during the morning. In comparison the symptoms for the acute angle closure can be quite severe and dramatic at the very same time: headaches, eye pain, vomiting or nausea and a visual blurriness. Sometimes it can lack eye pain and it can be a combination of symptoms like nausea an vomiting and the patient will not take even into consideration the fact that it might be related to his or her eyes.

This a very tricky illness and a regular control to the medic is recommended due to the nature of it and at the same time because it is quite healthy to know in time if you might have something else or not, prevention being the most helping tool that there is in the face of any kind of disorder.


In the chronic stages some patients may have a slight color of red eyes but in most cases the eyes of a person that will suffer from open angle glaucoma or chronic angle glaucoma will seem normal to friends, family and in the mirror. The ophthalmologist will surely decide if you are suffering from such a disease by taking some tests and as earlier stated it is highly recommended that you would pay a visit to your doctor at least once per year.

Elevated pressure will be the main causes of glaucoma and some patients may feel a pressure on their forehead or have a strangely large amount of headaches. Also there were a few cases in which the patients had optic nerve abnormalities due to a developing stage of the illness and it has developed even faster than expected. Most commonly the doctor will diagnose you or tell you if you are at risk of contracting glaucoma and what are the steps that you should proceed with. This is a very serious illness and it should be taken as it is because of its non alarming nature it can strike without even knowing and that person may end up being blind.

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