Glaucoma – Overview

Sadly, if glaucoma will not be diagnosed in time it could lead to a loss in central vision and also becoming blind. This illness will be most commonly associated with the intraocular pressure which would be an elevated pressure within the eye, which most of the time would lead to damage of the optic nerve. There are several cases in which glaucoma presented itself in the presence of a normal pressure within the eye and this type of glaucoma is believed that will e caused by a very low blood flow within the circulatory system to the optic nerve.

Glaucoma is very common, world wide being accepted as one of the primary factors of blindness and only in the United States there are three million people per year that will suffer from glaucoma coming up to a six million people in the whole world that are blind because of this illness.


Sadly, half of the people that may suffer from glaucoma will not know that they are presented with this specific disease and will lead to a horrifying development of the disease thus the high numbers of people that are blind due to this disease. Because it will come at first with not symptoms, glaucoma is very hard to trace and most of the time the loss of side vision is not noticed until very far within the developing process.

The main factor that will lead to glaucoma will be the elevated pressure within the eye due to the glaucomatous damage that will be presented to the optic nerve. Known commonly as the ‘sneak thief of sight’ due to its characteristic in not leaving any traces or signaling any symptoms while existing within the eyes and by the time a person will realize that something is wrong it will be far too late to reverse the process.

The major risk factors for this type of illness is: the family history of glaucoma, age over forty-five years old, diabetes, black racial ancestry, a history of elevated intraocular pressure, nearsightedness, which would e the inability to see objects clearly in the distance, use of cortisone or a history of injuries to the eyes.

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