This illness usually as a result of blocking the channel of excretion of the sebaceous glands – this event will lead to the accumulation of sebaceous secretions. In this situationthe immune system will not recognize the sebum and will trigger a local inflammatory reaction complex.

Among the risk factors are found: Blepharitis (acute inflammation of the eyelid edges), acne and seborrheic dermatitis (skin disease, determined by immune-allergic problems).

It can also appear because of the transformation of a granulomatous hordeolum not completely healed. Studies show that in general is the case of an intern hordeolum that has not sufficiently drained.

Sometimes the symptoms may not show up but usually the patient feels: local heat, painful swelling on the eyelid, light fear, tearing, and eyelid tenderness. If the chalazion appears in the front of the eyelid, (also called external chalazion ), lesions can be easily detected. Beside this a complete exam of the eye will confirm the problem. In case of skin cancer, the patient may need a biopsy also. Small chalazions may heal spontaneously but to speed healing, injuries can be injected with acorticosteroidwill.


The first step in healing is using warm compresses more than 4 times a day because warmth will help the drainage. Also is not allowed to scratch the chalazion. If this doesn’t help and the chalazion keeps getting bigger and bigger it may need to be replaced by surgery. In order to avoid the scars the surgery will take place under the eyelid. Before and after the surgery eye drops with antibiotics are used in order to avoid infections. The risk of this type of surgery is heavy bleeding because the eyelids are very good vascularizated. To prevent recurrent chalazion, sebaceous glands should be removed completely.

If the patient usually wears contact lenses throughout the treatment, he has to give up them in order to obtain the wanted result.

It the chalazion develops in the back of the eyelid, (internal chalazion) it may affect the vision . One of the complications that occur in the caseof an internal chalazion is the astigmatism.

Because is better to prevent than to treat, cleaning the eyelid may prevent recurrence in the cases that are prone to chalazion. Another important step in prevention is cleaning the eyelash.

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