Hypertension treatment

The limit of a normal blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg. In order to diagnose hypertension, a good measurement is necessary. The measurement will need an arm cuff and a pressure-measuring gauge.
The results will be in millimeters of mercury and with two numbers. The firs represents the pressure in the arteries at every heart beat, and the second shows the pressure between the beats. The firs measurement is also called systolic pressure and the second diastolic pressure.

The scope of the treatment in hypertension’s situation is made of numbers. If a patient is a normal healthy young man the treatment should take the blood pressure to 140/90 mm Hg. If the patient has diabetes or kidney diseases, the goal is 130/80 mm Hg.

Diuretics are often used in controlling high blood pressure. This pills also called “water pills” make the body eliminate water along with sodium. In this way the blood volume is reduced.

Hypertension can also be treated with beta blockers, that open the vessels. They work better when combined with diuretics. Studies have shown that in case of black people this treatment is not so efficient. The blood vessels are relaxed also by Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and by Angiotensin II receptor blockers.

Calcium channel blockers are used in this treatment because they slow the heart rate and relax the blood vessels. They work better in black people. For patients that take calcium channel blockers, is better to avoid grapefruit because the risk of side effects is higher.

Kidneys produce an enzyme called rennin that after some steps makes the blood pressure to rise, that’s why rnin inhibitors like Akiren may be needed.

If the above treatment has no results the doctor may try a treatment with vasodilators (arteries are preventing from narrowing) and with alpha blockers. Alpha blockers reduce the nerve impulse to blood vessels .

After the blood pressure is under control, there are some steps that every patient needs to take. For instance the doctor may advise the patients to take every day an aspirin (not recommended for children ). Also another important step is changing the lifestyle . A person who has hypertension has to eat healthy food : whole grains, fruits, vegetables. Get potassium and vitamin D . It’s important to reduce the salt (1,500 milligrams a day ). Patients that suffer from high blood pressure are not allowed to smoke and are asked to minimize the alcohol drinking. Stress has to disappear from a patient’s life or at least to be minimize. Also very important is to check constantly the blood pressure to be sure that the treatment works and there are no other problems.

Generally, persons can live with hypertension but they have to be very careful, because the complication that this condition may cause can put the life in danger.

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