The primary thing that a person should so is to get more informed about the anorectal area and all the diseases that will be associated with it. A common study made by 200 physicians from many different specialties have evaluated and diagnosed seven common diseases that will include fissure, anal abscess, fistula, condyloma acuminate, prolapsed internal hemorrhoid, full thickness rectal prolapse and thrombosed external hemorrhoid.

In many cases, evidence was brought in pictures and in written diagnosis leading to a statistic of almost 54.

5% of physicians suffering from such a disease and a astonishing almost 70% in surgeons. Only in the United States there are up to ten million people per year that will seek medical treatment that will result in an overall two million prescriptions annually.

Usually hemorrhoids complaints are not associated with other diseases or conditions but there are some that could have a direct link with some hemorrhoidal complaints: crohn disease, ulcerative colitis, the inflammation of the bowel or pregnancy. This type of disease can present itself in healthy people as well that do not suffer from any other condition. Most nutritionist state that they can be a result of a low fiber diet that can cause small caliber stools.

This pressure will result in an engorgement of the hemorrhoids. Also during pregnancy they may appear as well due to the severe vomiting and constipation that the person will suffer from. Depending from case to case this is a very treatable disease but if not managed in time, it can lead to some other complications within the human body. It is preferred that it would be check out as soon as possible from the first symptom.

Constipation and straining will most of the time go hand in hand with the development of hemorrhoids. Persons that will suffer from them will have a higher then normal canal resting, which would be made lower after a homorrhoidectomy. Symptoms will vary from internal and external hemorrhoids but the first ones will be always more dangerous. Internal hemorrhoids will not cause cutaneous pain but they will sometimes bleed due to an irritation on to the perianal skin.

Treatment will depend on the symptoms that the person will suffer from. Internal hemorrhoids can be destroyed without any anesthetic due to their lack of cutaneous innervation. A higher fiber diet is suggested that will increase toilet habit and liquid intake. Also if the pain will be unbearable, there are some sedatives and antibiotics that will work faster in the process of healing but there are cases in which the human body can develop an shield and in the future being immune to them.

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