Primary amenorrhea

Amenorrhea is in much simpler words the absence of menstruation . This condition is diveded in primary and secondary . Primary amenorrhea occurs when by the age of 16 menstruation does not appear .
If by the age of 13 a girl has not started to have visible breast growth and other pubertations signs that the road to primary amnorrhea is opened. Menstruation appears doue to the hormones produced by ovaries, hypotalamus and pituitary. It is absolutely necessary for a young girl to develop herself and to be pregnant .

The causes for primary amenorrhea include chromosomal abnormalities that can cause a premature depletion of the eggs invloved in the mentruation process.

Another problem could be the abnormality of the vagina, that may prevent the bleeding to come out, to be visible. Problems with the hypothalamus can also lead to this condition . Anorexia, excessive exercises, stress disrup the normal function of the hypothalamus. Othertimes, during the fetal development occurs some problmes and the girl is being born without the reproductive system, or without some parts of it .another gland in the brain : pituitary, if not functioning corectly may be responsible for primary amenorrhea .

Amenorrhea is not really a lifethretaning condition, but in order to find out exactly what the problem is it’s good to take some blood tests such as evaluation of your prolactin level or a pelvic exam . It also could turn useful, a laparoscopy to see your organs.

The treatment depends on the cause of the amenorrhea. If it is caused by thyroid or pituitary disorders then she will be treated with medications.If you have hypothalamic amenorrhea probably you will take oral contraceptives.

Also a good thing is to change your lifestyle to stop excessive sport activities, and eliminate stress.

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