Panic Disorder – Overview

A panic attack may be classified as a symptom to an anxiety disorder, being considered as quite a serious problem nowadays, having almost 25% of adults suffering from it and only in the United States will be about 60 million people that will have a panic attack during their lives. Statistics show that almost 2% of the United States will suffer from severe panic disorder, women being more prone than men to this taking into account their sensibility and emotional side.

There is a peak age where it is considered that a person will develop such an attack and it is considered to be between 15 and 19 years old.

Another important fact that we must understand is that panic attacks are far more different than any another anxiety attack because it can appear out of nowhere and be very unexpected, at the same time be unprovoked and in most cases will be disabling.

Studies have shown that almost 0.8% of children will suffer from a panic disorder or a more severe form or anxiety disorder, and although in adulthood, women are more prone to such attacks, in a younger situation, boys and girls are equally liable to have such and attack. Because this type of panic attack can appear without any warning whatsoever than after having it, that person may develop an irrational fear, avoiding that specific situation, turning it into something more than it is, thus developing it to an anxiety disorder, taking it to the very next level.

These types of disorders are called phobias and will in time take over that persons’ life in trying to avoid that specific situation, animal or person. Specialist will recommend that in case of a panic attack try to breath heavily into a bag and to calm yourself down, taking into account that you are blowing out of proportion that specific situation and also if after the panic attack you will have the urge to avoid that specific situation it will be highly recommended to confront it, to take the upper hand of that fear and to turn into control over your body and that specific situation.

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