Depression – Overview

This article will show you the overview of what depression really is and how you should cope with it. There is a world known persistence in ignoring and misperceiving this kind of disease from the public and many health providers, treating it as a personal weakness and avoiding diagnosis and treatment by those affected.

We must understand that this is a very potentially dangerous illness that may affect anyone without taking any account of social status, race, gender or ethnicity and at the same time the public must be aware of all the factors that contribute in developing such a disease.

There are four major types in which we can classify depression: seasonal affective disorder or medically known as SAD, depression with catatonic or melancholic features, atypical depression and major depressive disorder, medically named MDD. When you feel more tired than usual, sad, have a large amount of headaches, rapid loss or gain of weight, abdominal distress you should go and see your doctor to get a full check up and see if anything is wrong.

There are different diagnoses when it comes to depression and it will include endocrine disorders, many psychiatric disorders, drug-related disorders, CNS diseases, sleep related disorders or inflammatory and infectious diseases. There are tests that you may take that can be used to define if you suffer from bipolar disorders or depression and the most common used is the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, medically known as the HDRS but as we stated earlier there are a lot of factors to take into account so the results will e biased when it comes to population, location, environment and in some times political regimes.

When it comes to a definitive test based on a sole person, the doctor will ask you several questions that may concern you personal life, you eating habits, you exercise routine and you job, besides the medical work up that they will give you. Often after someone has suddenly lost someone loved these type of illnesses can intervene but at the same time there has to be a clear distinction between the mourning period that everyone must undertake after such an event has happen, to cope with it emotionally healthy and this ending in affecting your whole life including your health.

There are many effective treatments out there depending on the gravity of the illness that you may suffer and you must remember that keeping an active social life, partaking a healthy diet and healthy exercise rhythm and having a very goal oriented life will be the key in preventing such diseases from happening and having a very happy and healthy life.

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