Appendicitis- cause, symptoms and diagnosis

This obstruction of the the lumen causes an increase in intraluminal pressure (inside the body), a disorder of blood circulation and inflammation in the walls of his body that can develop without treatment to gangrene and perforation (rupture).

a genetic predisposition to obstruction can also be observed, causing appendicitis lumen, starting from the observation that families with more members have already suffered a surgery for appendicitis than others.


These are varied but they have certain characteristics:

– Pain – it is initially located in the epigastrium (chest) and umbilical, and later moves to right iliac fossa, often radiating to the right lower limb.

Pain intensity is different and variable from one stage to another; if it is initially a discomfort, later may become intense (abdomen becomes hard to palpation)

– Loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, constipation or diarrhea are other symptoms that may occur

– febrile state is possible – not very high fever.

In some cases, symptoms can evolve very quickly without the representative, which is why patients should immediate see a physician.

Pregnant women, small children and the elderly may have a particular form of manifestation of this disease. Women during pregnancy often have symptoms such as pain, nausea and vomiting, but when they have special intensities, the patient must address to the emergency surgeon for special examination.

The appearance of this disease raises special problems because of the inability to communicate the pain to the doctor. They may have atypical symptoms – just vomiting, drowsiness, constipation, etc.. Also, specialized medical consultation should be done more quickly; especially in small children rapid evolution is often, often without even intermediate stages.

In elders there may be different manifestations, and diagnosis is more difficult. False occlusions may be present – with symptoms like intestinal obstruction.

In the diagnosis of this condition, medical history plays an important role. Physicians should carefully formulate questions, questions from which to infer the nature of symptoms, when they occurred and time evolution, their location, severity of symptoms. Also the patient will be asked for the existence of other diseases any ongoing treatment or medication allergies to substances. Physical examination involves inspection and can uncover a possible eruption, swollen lymph node (lymph increase), other skin lesions, mobility of the respiratory movements of the wall and others. Entire abdomen should be palpated. Percussion and auscultation have a high specificity in diagnosing the disease.

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