Albinism- treatment

The purpose of treatment in albinism’s case is to release the patients from the symptoms, to help them improve their life . Unfortunately there is no treatment that could replace the absence of melanin. Doctors can only treat, not cure the problems that accompany ocular albinism.

People with albinism should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, it can lead to skin cancer. If exposure can not be avoided, sunglasses against ultraviolet rays and creams with high SPF are indicated.

When the patient has vision problems glasses are needed or bifocals. For distance vision, some telescopic lens may be attached to the glasses. Also a surgery to correct the strange movements of the eye could be useful. In case of strabismus it is preferred to start the treatment early in the child’s life (6 months) with eye-patching.

Unfortunately complications may appear when a person is suffering from albinism. Beside the skin problems, the high risk of sunburn or skin cancer, people who have this condition tend to feel isolated and discriminated. Because they look different they have to cope up with others gazing at them all the time. Children with albinism may get called different nicknames, or may be questioned about their look and their life.

Because of the lack of information people who suffer from this illness are still considered by many some kind of aliens with powers like the characters from fairy tales. Some patients suffer when someone calls them “albino” because this is not the word that characterizes them as individuals. They hate to be associated with their condition . That’s why beside the treatment of the physical problems, the emotional ones have to be taken into consideration.

The advice of a doctor may bring a positive change in the life of those who suffer from albinism. For patients that suffer from albinism to feel that they belong to different groups, round the world appeared a lot of support-groups where they can contact persons with the same problems as them .

This illness does not affect the life duration but it can cause problems if the bleeding persists or if the Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome appears.

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