Signs of lung cancer

This type of cancer will develop within the lungs due to a various motifs of unhealthy habits or in some cases just as a predominant gene within the family tree. Lung cancer treatment is in several forms, all which have been coated as being very effective depending solely on the time of diagnosis. Stage one and two of lung cancer has the most positive results, leaving lung cancer survival rate at almost 70% of the patients.

Symptoms of lung cancer will vary due to the several stages that this illness can present itself and it will depend on how widespread the tumor will be. Such signs of lung cancer are not always present to trigger an alarm to the patient and will never easy to indentify. Almost 25% of the people that will suffer from lung cancer will show no symptoms of lung cancer until they will have a normal check up that will include a CT scan or a chest X-ray.

This will appear on the results of such tests as a small mass that is named in medical terms coin lesion due to the similarity of the mass to a coin. Patients that suffer from lung cancer and will have coin lesion have reported that they did not suffered from any type of symptom prior to the tests and this discovery will be categorized as a lucky catch for the patient.

During the development of the cancer, several other symptoms could develop due to the invasion of the lung tissues and the surrounding tissue that will interfere in time with the patient’s breathing. Such cases will develop as well in shortness of breath, severe cough, chest pains, wheezing and coughing up blood.

In some cases the lung cancer could spread to the nerves and it could cause shoulder pain that will travel from the outside of the arm, known in medical terms as Pancoast’s syndrome or in a paralysis of the vocal cords up to hoarseness. An invasion of the esophagus will result in a difficulty of swallowing, known also as dysphagia, and if a large airway will be obstructed then a lung could collapse and cause several other infections like pneumonia or abscesses within the obstructed region.

Sadly, in most of the cases, patients will show signs of lung cancer only when it has progressed enough to trigger some visible internal damage thus it is fairly recommended that a person should consult a doctor and have a full check up twice per year in order to verify the actual state of good health.

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