Mesothelioma Treatments

The most common mesothelioma treatments recommended by physicians for patients are operation, chemotherapy and radiation. Experimental procedures, including immunotherapy and gene therapy are also used by patients with mesothelioma. Patients often undergo more treatments for the disease.

Experimental treatments are also available for patients participating in a clinical trial to test procedures for up-and-wine and drugs.

How doctors treat malignant mesothelioma?

Each patient has an personalized treatment plan depending on the type and advancement level of asbestos cancer and the patient’s overall health. Classic mesothelioma treatments are surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or a combination of the ones mentioned.

Scientists and doctors are involved in research on various cancer centers throughout the world. Scientists are constantly working on new and more effective drugs and to develop new mesothelioma treatments.

In the last past years, several important advances in the treatment of mesothelioma were made, improved surgical techniques, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and modern techniques such as intensity-modulated radiation.Some of this research is conducted through clinical trials, for which all patients suffering from this desease are qualified. If this is your case, you shoul call a mesothelioma attorney if you need more information about ongoing trials.


No matter how and why a person develops malignant mesothelioma, doctors admit that asbestos cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to treat. The disease has a long latency period, remaining silent, in essence, up to five decades.

Because it is not usually diagnosed until it has reached advanced levels, most standard mesothelioma treatments are only effective in slowing the disease, adding only a few months for the patient’s life expectancy. Nevertheless, some newer treatments such as gene therapy and photodynamic therapy mesothelioma showed promising results in fighting against asbestos cancer and tests are being developed that will help detect disease at an earlier stage, providing much hope for the patient.

Long-term chemotherapy can be used alongside medication to treat malignant mesothelioma.

Chemotherapy has both advantages and disadvantages. The main positive effect is that it considerablly help to decrease the risck for the tumor to extend or enlarge because this method kills cancerous cells. One of the shortcomings is that, besides ill cells, it also kills healthy cells and causes many side effects that have serious influence on the patient’s well-being.

Due to the fact that this disease is almost always diagnosed at an advanced level, it need strong treatments. Going through chemotherapy does not mean that malignant mesothelioma will be cured. Actually, asbestos cancer is rarely cured. But chemotherapy helps prolong the life of the patient.

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